Red River Co-op
Red River Co-op employees in the produce section  

Recognized as one of Manitoba's Top Employers (2021):

Here are some of the reasons why Red River Co-op was selected as one of Manitoba's Top Employers (2021):

  • As an essential service provider, Red River Co-op's food services division quickly provided its front-line employees with an appreciation pay premium (to $2.50 per hour) as well as offering onsite management employees additional pay (to $250 per week) from March through to mid-June
  • Red River Co-op encourages employees to save for the future with a defined benefit or defined contribution pension plan (depending on employee group) and retirement planning assistance
  • Red River Co-op supports ongoing employee development with subsidies for tuition and professional accreditation as well as a variety of in-house and online training programs
Red River Co-op employees ride the Big Bike for Heart and Stroke  


Industry Supermarkets and grocery stores
Established in Canada 1937
Major Canadian hiring locations Stonewall MB, Gimli MB, Selkirk MB, Lorette MB, Winnipeg MB
Full-time employees in Canada 221
Part-time employees in Canada 436
Average age of employees in Canada 39 years
Longest serving employee 40 years
Benefits note Red River Co-op has multiple employee groups, the following programs and policies may vary by position
Long-term savings defined-benefit (DB) pension, defined-contribution (DC) pension
Health plan premium as part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 50% of the premiums
Flexible work options flexible work hours
Vacation allowance new employees receive 3 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job
Outside survey period outside consultant surveys are held every 24 months
Employee performance reviews employees receive individual performance reviews every 12 months
In-house training initiatives in-house training, online training
Related tuition subsidies employer covers up to 100% of tuition per year
Employee charitable involvement employees are involved in selection of charities


Pandemic response as an essential business serving the public, personal protective equipment was quickly supplied for employees, combined with enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols along with measures to encourage required distancing, provided food division employees with an appreciation pay premium (to $2.50 per hour from March through to mid-June) and management employees received additional weekly pay

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