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Home Depot Canada
Employees at one of Home Depot Canada's retail locations   (Photo credit: Julien Bastide Photographies)

Recognized as one of Greater Toronto's Top Employers (2023):

Here are some of the reasons why Home Depot Canada was selected as one of Greater Toronto's Top Employers (2023):

  • Home Depot Canada celebrates exceptional performance and achievement through a number of initiatives, including the Angel Award (given to employees who have demonstrated the company's values by coming to the aid of a fellow colleague or customer during a life threatening event), the Rolex Watch program for district and store managers, and the Orange Blooded Award for non-retail employees who make long-term improvements for the company
  • Home Depot Canada supports the ongoing education of current and future generations, offering generous tuition subsidies for employees interested in pursuing job-related courses (to $5,000) and academic scholarships for children of employees (to $2,500 per child per year)
  • Home Depot Canada offers a number of financial benefits including a share purchase plan (available to all full-time employees), profit-sharing, referral bonuses, and employer RSP contributions
Home Depot Canada employees volunteer their time to select plants for a new garden at Yonge Street Mission  


Industry Retail
Established in Canada 1994
Publicly traded yes
Parent company The Home Depot Inc.
Parent company head office Toronto ON
Major Canadian hiring locations North York ON
Full-time employees in Canada 36,497
Part-time employees in Canada 18,859
Average age of employees in Canada 42.4 years
Longest serving employee 30 years
Benefits note Home Depot Canada has multiple employee groups, the following programs and policies may vary by position
Hybrid work hybrid and flexible work arrangements available for eligible employees
Flexible work options flexible work hours, compressed work week, telecommuting
Long-term savings defined-contribution (DC) pension
Health plan premium as part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 100% of the premiums
Vacation allowance new employees receive 2 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job
Outside survey period outside consultant surveys are held every 12 months
Employee performance reviews employees receive individual performance reviews every 6 months
Related tuition subsidies employer covers up to 50% of tuition per year
Annual tuition maximum employer pays up to $5,000 in tuition subsidies for job-related courses per year
Employee charitable involvement employees are involved in selection of charities, employees receive paid time off to volunteer

Recognized as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers (2022):

Here are some of the reasons why Home Depot Canada was selected as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers (2022):

  • Home Depot Canada participates in the federally funded Ready, Willing and Able project, a national partnership of Inclusion Canada, the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance and member organizations, to hire persons with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder
  • Home Depot Canada created the Women in Leadership program to improve career opportunities for female employees and has organized a number of events and initiatives since its inception in 2010 (including content on career development, work-life balance, and networking)
  • Home Depot Canada recently relaunched its diversity and inclusion committee as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership Council in 2020, with representation across all major stakeholder groups at the organization (including 25 captains for every district who help lead the company's initiatives each year)
A Home Depot Canada employee  


Industry Retail
Major Canadian hiring locations North York ON
Full-time employees in Canada 14,485
Management of diversity and inclusion initiatives diversity, equity and inclusion leadership council (representation from all major stakeholder groups), 25 diversity, equity and inclusion captions for every district to lead initiatives throughout the year
Performance management and accountability personal ID campaign, voluntary diversity survey for applicants, diversity, equity and inclusion dashboard for leaders, each officer has DE&I performance goals, leaders review diversity metrics for their group and develop diversity action plans for the year, diversity metrics such as representation, hiring, promotion and turnover are discussed as part of the organization's talent planning process held twice a year
Employee resource groups Orange Women's Network (est. 2011, 500 members), Orange Ability (est. 2011, persons with disabilities, 200 members), Orange Pride (est. 2011, 350 members), Orange Mosaic (est. 2013, facilitates intercultural understanding, 350 members)
Noteworthy diversity strategies and policies mental health strategy
Recruitment initiatives open job postings are posted on Equitek, stores partner with local community agencies to recruit associates from diverse groups
Retention and development programs mentoring matches with senior leaders are made for individuals on the talent pipeline as part of talent planning, executive officers are matched and actively sponsor high-performing women and BIPOC leaders, development programs to support women/BIPOC talent at the individual contributor and manager level, Women in Leadership (WIL) initiative to enhance career development and networking opportunities for female employees
Training and awareness initiatives diversity and inclusion module during new hire orientation, unconscious bias workshop, training on leading inclusive teams, introduction to gender diversity, inclusive leadership action learning series, events to recognize important dates such as International Women's Day, World Autism Day, Mental Health Awareness Week and Pride parades across Canada, D&I roundtables hosted by leaders every other Thursday (began as an associate coffee break to discuss challenges of working from home in the pandemic, evolved to discussions about race/ethnicity, racism, privilege, intersectionality and bias)
Diversity highlights annual Diversity Awareness Week organized at each office and store, buttons for store associates such as "I Speak" badges, hard of hearing and pronoun buttons, Women's Network organized a Coping With Change webinar (topics included dealing with fear and change, creating resilience)

Recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2022):

Here are some of the reasons why Home Depot Canada was selected as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2022):

  • Many Home Depot Canada stores have longstanding partnerships with Habitat for Humanity chapters across the country -- through this partnership, Home Depot donates returned and refurbished materials and products to the organization's ReStore outlets, with all revenues donated directly back to the charity's program of building new homes for low-income families
  • Home Depot Canada's longstanding and familiar Eco Options product line includes a variety of products that offer lower environmental impacts (as assessed by third-party organizations) -- with over 1,700 products available, the program helps Canadians make greener choices and supports sustainable practices through five key categories including energy efficiency, water conservation, air quality, healthy home, and sustainable forestry practices
  • Home Depot Canada has 49 stores with rooftop solar panel arrays, with three store locations being LEED-certified -- and has incorporated many green features into its new constructions, including underground rainwater collection cisterns, water-saving sprinkler systems, drought-resistant and native planting species, high-efficiency HVAC systems, insulated white roof and additional energy saving features
A Home Depot Canada employee in the appliances department  


Industry Retail
Major Canadian hiring locations North York ON
Full-time employees in Canada 14,485
Part-time employees in Canada 18,148
Employee green team sustainability committee (includes representation from across the company), sustainability teams (at store locations)
Senior executive who oversees initiatives VP of HR and Sustainability
Formal strategy/policy name sustainability strategy (based on 4 pillars: operations, products, suppliers and employee involvement)
Publishes sustainability report yes
Green highlights 3 formal waste audits annually, monthly energy audits, ongoing energy-use reductions (and has set significant carbon emissions reduction targets for the coming decades), longstanding preference for FSC-Certified wood products and recently updated wood procurement policy to require FSC certification for wood products from South America, Africa, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, The Power Project (encourages associates to make behavioural changes to reduce stores' energy performance -- stores compete and those with the highest participation received cash prizes to put towards their "fun funds")
Noteworthy initiatives unique Eco Options brand of everyday home products offer comparatively lower environmental impacts in the following areas: energy efficiency, water conservation, clean air, healthy home, sustainable forestry and circular economy
Building footprint includes PV solar panels, 49 stores have rooftop solar panel arrays installed, 3 store locations are LEED-certified, and its newest distribution centre features underground rain cisterns, water-saving sprinkler systems, an insulated white roof, high-efficiency HVAC systems, LED lighting system retrofits (indoor and outdoor lighting), low-VOC paints, adhesives and carpeting, native plant landscaping
Extended recycling shrink wrap and other soft plastics, beverage containers, wooden pallets, scrap wood, metal, hazardous materials (paint, fertilizers, etc.), batteries (includes household, cell phones and power tools), organics (at some stores), packaging team working with product suppliers to reduce package footprints and use more sustainable materials (and developed a sustainable materials target for its own private label packaging for 2023)
Commuter amenities walk to public transit, secure/sheltered bicycle parking
Community partnerships Habitat for Humanity (donates returned and refurbished materials and products to ReStore outlets), Energy Star (includes consumer utility rebate programs in partnership with local utility companies and various levels of government), store-level initiatives such as the Ecobusiness Network (Whitby store partnered to build a community eco-garden), the Shamrock Community Garden (partnership to build a new greenhouse in Saint John) and the Bruce Trail Conservatory (Owen Sound store supplied and planted 200 trees along the trail), Earth Day (month-long initiative with educational topics each week, from packaging waste to energy conservation), lunch and learn meetings covering the company's sustainability strategy

The Career Directory

Home Depot Canada has been selected for The Career Directory, our guide to entry-level recruitment for recent college and university graduates.
Home Depot Canada employee working in the kitchen and bath department

Highlights for New Grads

Industry Retail
Full-time employees in Canada 25,001 to 50,000
Parent company The Home Depot Inc.
Parent company head office Toronto ON
Major Canadian hiring locations North York ON
Student opportunities paid internships, co-op opportunities
Training leadership training
Annual tuition maximum employer pays up to $5,000 in tuition subsidies for job-related courses per year
Typical new grad positions Analyst (Inventory, Supply Chain, Engineering, Finance), Coordinator, Specialist (Marketing, Human Resources, Central Operations), Store Associate
Starting salary $50K to $55K
Work benefits health benefits for new employees, flexible work hours, telecommuting, employees receive paid time off to volunteer
Vacation allowance new employees receive 2 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job

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